Kodiak Enterprises is pleased to announce our expansion into the seismic drilling industry.

New drill stem: Kodiak has obtained technology that has proven to support the lowest weld failures in the industry and exceed competitor’s quality.  Mark Lynch is a vital asset to Kodiak during our expansion.

Rebuilds: Kodiak can rebuild, straighten, and hard surface your old auger pipe.  Rethreads are of top quality – no less than 2 full turns on and off.  These rethreads are consistent with new manufactured tooljoints.

Other services consist of:

  • New tooljoints – built in-house to the highest standard
  • Pipe recovery tools / overshots
  • Thread Saver – this device is designed to thread on worn out ends and be welded with a single bead. Our Thread Saver is perfect for work in remote areas where shipping of pipe can result in significant downtime and project cost overruns.
  • Dry auger hex tube for environmental drills
  • Pipeline auger for cleaning casing – can supply diameters from 22″ to over 60″

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